Ever since its establishment in July 1989, XCMG has remained the leader of China's construction machinery industry. At present, XCMG ranks within the Top 5 of the global construction machinery industry, 119th in the top 500 enterprises in China, and 44th in the top 500 manufacturing companies in China. XCMG is the most competitive and influential enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, on the largest scale and with the most diverse series of products.

XCMG SA offers a wide range of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. They include:


• Mobile Truck-mounted Cranes

• Crawler Cranes

• All Terrain Truck Cranes

• Rough Terrain Cranes

• Tower Cranes

• Stackers

• Gantry Cranes




• Wheel Loaders

• Excavators

• Backhoe Loaders

• Skid Steer Loaders

• Motor Graders

• Bulldozers





• Rollers

• Light Compaction Equipment

• Motor Graders • Bulldozers

• Cold Milling Machines

• Soil Stabilizers

• Concrete Pumps

• Asphalt Concrete Pavers

• Asphalt Plants



• Wheel Loaders

• Excavators

• Motor Graders

• Crawler Bulldozers

• Dump Trucks

• Road Headers






Since its establishment in March 1989, XCMG has been a leader in the Chinese and global construction machinery industries. At present, it is ranked 5th in the world, 122nd among the Top 500 Chinese enterprises, 49th among Top 100 enterprises in the Chinese manufacturing industry, and 1st among the Top 100 enterprises in the Chinese machine-building industry with the most complete product series, and the greatest competitiveness and influence in the Chinese construction machinery industry.

 XCMG’s annual revenue exceeded RMB 100 billion in 2012, up from RMB 386 million at the time of foundation, cementing its place at the summit of the industry.

 XCMG has paid attention to technical innovation by establishing an R&D system, with a national-level technology center (XCMG Technology Center) and Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute (XCMG Research Institute) at its core.

The XCMG technology centre is ranked 1st in the industry as evaluated by the National Enterprise Technology Center. Supported by the XCMG Research Institute, XCMG Nanjing Research Institute, as well as XCMG Shanghai Research Institute and XCMG Europe Research Institute, XCMG has launched a batch of advanced-level products, including: a 2000-ton-level all-terrain crane, a 4000-ton-level crawler crane, a 12-ton-level large loader (the largest in China), a 100-meter-level aerial platform fire truck as (the highest in Asia).

Another example of XCMG’s advanced level-products is its fourth-generation smart pavement construction equipment, which has had a subversive influence on the global construction engineering industry and has broken the global monopoly of foreign enterprises. Currently, XCMG owns 920 effective authorisation patents, among which 27 are invention patents.

XCMG”s “Key technology development and industrialisation of an all-terrain crane”, in relation to its walking excavator ET110, won second prize in the National Award for Science and Technology Progress 2011 and 2010 (the industry’s first prize is vacant). XCMG was awarded the Achievement Award of National Enterprise Technology Center as judged by five ministries and commissions such as the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST). In addition XCMG was rated as the first national technical innovation demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

 XCMG has established a marketing network covering the whole of China. Over 280 XCMG overseas agents, including South Africa, have been set up to provide global users with an all-round marketing service. XCMG products have been exported to 159 countries and regions around the world. Its exports exceeded USD 1.36 billion in 2012, and it has kept its first place in terms of exports in the industry for 24 consecutive years. At present, the market share of 9 types of main engines and 3 types of key basic spare parts ranks 1st in China; as does the export quantity and gross exports of 5 types of main engines. Sales volumes of automobile crane and large-tonnage roller ranks 1st globally.

XCMG’s vision is to continue to be a world-class enterprise with high international competitiveness that the Chinese people can feel proud of. Its strategic goal is to rank among the top 3 in the world’s construction machinery industry, and step into the world’s Top 500 enterprises.


Corporate Vision

To become a top, world-renowned, highly competitive international company that Chinese people can be proud of.

Enterprise Intent

To meet needs beyond values and promote social progress.

Core Values

Responsible, righteous and ambitious.

Motto of Leadership

Loyal and faithful, hard-working, responsible and accountable, and taking the lead.

Strategic Objectives

Operating revenue that breaks through 100 billion yuan in 2012, reaches 300 billion yuan in 2015, becomes the top 5 of the global construction machinery industry, striving to be among the domestic top 3 and the world's top 500 companies.

Staff Guidelines

Loyal and faithful, dedicated and disciplined, united for co-working, accurate and efficient.

Enterprise Spirit

Strict, practical, motivated, innovative.



Development Strategy

Global expansion of product and capital markets, customer-oriented improvement of construction machineries and core components, entering the high-end equipment manufacturing field in the future, accelerating the development of a new generation of heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles.